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Haemophilus Aegyptius to Hysteria : 

Hypovitaminosis A

Haemophilus Aegyptius  |  Haemophilus Influenzae  |  Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome  |  Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome  |  Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome  |  Hallgren Syndrome  |  Hamman-Rich Syndrome  |  Haney-Falls Syndrome  |  Hanhart Syndrome  |  Hansen Disease  |  Happy Puppet Syndrome  |  Harboyan Syndrome  |  Harlequin Syndrome  |  Hartnup Syndrome  |  Hays-Wells Syndrome  |  Headache Neurologic Defects and Cerebrospinal Fluid Lymphcytosis Syndrome  |  Head-Riddoch Syndrome  |  Heerfordt Syndrome  |  Hemangioma  |  Hemeralopia  |  Hemifacial Hyperplasia with Strabismus  |  Hemifacial Microsomia Syndrome  |  Hemimacrosomia Syndrome  |  Hemochromatosis  |  Hemolytic Anemia of Newborns  |  Hennebert Syndrome  |  Henoch-Schönlein Purpura  |  Hepatic Failure  |  Hereditary Ectodermal Dysplasia Syndrome  |  Hereditary Microcornea, Glaucoma, and Absent Frontal Sinuses  |  Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome  |  Hermit Syndrome  |  Herpes Simplex  |  Herpes Simplex Masquerade Syndrome  |  Herpes Zoster  |  Herrick Syndrome  |  Heterochromia Iridis  |  HIE Syndrome  |  Hilding Syndrome  |  Histidinemia  |  Histiocytosis X  |  Histoplasmosis  |  HLA-B27 Syndromes  |  HMC Syndrome  |  Hodgkin Disease  |  Hollenhorst Syndrome  |  Homocystinuria Syndrome  |  Hoof and Mouth Disease  |  Horner Syndrome  |  Hunt Syndrome  |  Hunter Syndrome  |  Hurler Syndrome  |  Hurler-Scheie Syndrome (MPS I H/S)  |  Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome  |  Hutchinson Syndrome  |  Hydatid Cyst  |  Hydranencephaly  |  Hydroa Vacciniforme  |  Hydrophobia  |  Hyperammonemia I  |  Hyperkalemic Familial Periodic Paralysis  |  Hyperlipoproteinemia  |  Hyperopia, High  |  Hyperparathyroidism  |  Hyperpigmentation of Eyelids  |  Hypertension  |  Hypertrichosis  |  Hypertrichosis Cubiti  |  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Syndrome  |  Hypertrophic Neuropathy  |  Hypervitaminosis A  |  Hypervitaminosis D  |  Hypocalcemia  |  Hypogonadism-Cataract Syndrome  |  Hypolipidemia Syndrome  |  Hypomelanosis of Ito Syndrome  |  Hypoparathyroidism  |  Hypophosphatasia  |  Hypoproteinemia Syndrome  |  Hypothalamique Carrefour Syndrome  |  Hypothermal Injury  |  Hypotrichosis with juvenile macular dystrophy syndrome (HJMD)  |  Hypovitaminosis A  |  Hysteria


General: Deficient serum levels of vitamin A; principal cause of infantile blindness in the world; due to insufficient intake of vitamin A or interference with its absorption from the intestinal tract; transport or storage in the liver; obstruction of biliary tract or pancreatic ducts.
Ocular: Bitot spot; xerosis; keratomalacia; keratitis; corneal perforation and ulcer; corneal opacity; hyperkeratosis; retinal degeneration; scotoma.
Clinical: Inadequate dietary intake or interference with absorptive storage or transport capacities, as occurs in liver disease, sprue, regional enteritis, and chronic gastroenteritis; respiratory infection; diarrhea; reduced childhood mortality.

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