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Bulgaria : Specialized Eye Hospital, Varna

Doctors in the telemed program

Specialized Eye Hospital

 Several of the doctors in the telemedicine program at Specialized Eye Hospital in Varna.  (Left to right)  Dr. Drago Draganov, Dr. Lyubka Dimova, and Dr. Eugenia Kontrova.  Shown standing: Dr. Tony Barboukova and Dr. Margarita Todorova; Bottom:  The Specialized Eye Hospital, Varna

A new Cyber-Sight partnership was established in Varna, Bulgaria with a visit by Dr. Bradley Black and Dr. Werner Cadera in September of 2003.  This new partnership was arranged by Dr. Dragomir Draganov and includes Dr. Svetlan Nikolova, Dr. Lyubkad Dimova, Dr. Tony Barboukova, Dr. Jeny Kontrova, and Dr. Margarita Todorova. 


Program History:

Doctor Subspecialty Dates
Gillian G.W. Adams, M.D. Peds/Strabismus Feb. 4-10, 2006
Stephen Christensen, M.D.
Ms. Kim Merrill, CO
Ms. Jana Orsten, RN
Feb. 19-26, 2005
Bradley Black, M.D.
Werner Cadera, M.D. 
Sept. 2003