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Ophthalmic Surgery Simulator Training

During her visit to the ORBIS International offices in New York, Dr. Muugii from Ulaan Baator tries her hand at the EYESI Ophthalmic Surgery Simulator.  She found the experience to be extremely useful as a training experience for intraocular eye surgery.  On Sunday, May 1, 2005, Drs. Hunter Cherwek and James Lehmann visited the ORBIS offices in Indianapolis for a detailed orientation on the simulator and Cyber-Sight prior to beginning their duties as staff ophthalmologists on the Flying Eye Hospital (FEH).  With this training, they will be able to provide digital image documentation through E-Consultation for all patients undergoing surgery on the Flying Eye Hospital during their tenure.  Drs. Lehmann and Cherwek will also be introducing Cyber-Sight and E-Learning through the website and Basic and Clinical Science Course to ophthalmologists as they participate in FEH programs.  The EYESI Ophthalmic Surgery Simulator will be stationed on the plane beginning June, 2005 during the program in Varna, Bulgaria.

May 1, 2005

Dr. Muugii intent on peeling a retinal membrane while visiting ORBIS in New York.

Dr. Lehmann (left) preparing to begin practice with the simulator while Dr. Cherwek (right ) assists at the monitor.

Dr. Cherwek (left) preparing to change instruments on the monitor while Dr. Lehmann (right) performs surgery on the simulator.

Dr. Lehmann (left) congratulating Dr. Cherwek (right) on a job well done.