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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -   Strabismus

  1. Surgery for alternating esotropia
  2. Antibiotic/steroid use after surgery
  3. What are the differences between various prism cover tests?
  4. Surgical treatment of Brown syndrome
  5. Accommodative esotropia with asthenopic symptoms
  6. Surgery for nystagmus
  7. Operating for thyroid ophthalmopathy
  8. Pulley displacement
  9. Botox treatment for nystagmus
  10. IOL's versus contact lenses in congenital cataract
  11. Treatment of strabismus secondary to retrobulbar anesthetic injection
  12. Sensory XT after visual field defects
  13. Best overcorrection for XT
  14. Implant after enucleation
  15. Best immediate postoperative alignment for intermittent exotropia
  16. Refractive error changes following strabismus surgery
  17. Accurate measurements of esotropia without a prism test
  18. Margins of the horizontal muscle in vertical transpositions
  19. Distinguishing esotropic Duane from congenital VI nerve palsy
  20. Effect of ROP laser treatment on eye exam
  21. How to manage intermittent esotropia
  22. Operating on an infant with a Rubella cataract?
  23. Management of partial accommodative esotropia
  24. Incidence of heart block in CPEO cases
  25. Inferior oblique anterior transposition for DVD
  26. Spread of comitance of paralytic squint
  27. Esotropia caused by congenital cataract
  28. When should surgery be done for congenital esotropia?
  29. Surgical treatment of exotropia greater in up gaze
  30. Postop care for essential infantile esotropia
  31. Beren's and Girand's muscle transposition
  32. Acquired vertical diplopia
  33. Diagnosing a longstanding palsy with muscle sequelae
  34. Measuring from the limbus in rectus recession surgery
  35. Surgical straightening of esotropic blind eye
  36. Esotropia - macular ectopia
  37. Ptosis and strabismus - which to operate first?
  38. Prism adaptation test
  39. Muscles involved in monocular elevation deficit
  40. Cause of head tilt in infantile ET
  41. Esotropia with high AC/A
  42. Cyclic esotropia
  43. Use of executive bifocal in accommodative esotropia
  44. Infantile ET, essential ET, and infantile ET syndrome
  45. Stereo acuity deterioration in (X)T
  46. Reoperation in consecutive esotropia
  47. Reoperation in congenital ET patient
  48. Direction of prisms in Krimsky test
  49. Incomitant strabismus
  50. Duane syndrome
  51. Risk of enophthalmos from large resection
  52. Headache during study
  53. Alternate occlusion for bilateral amblyopia
  54. Conjunctival recession